Release Day!

It’s finally here!

It has been  a long  journey  since  I made  the  decision to write the crime novel, my book of the heart, that had been in my head for many years.

I had to look back at my files to find out exactly when I started and was quite shocked to discover that my first document was opened in June 2021.

After a few distractions – a cataract op and a new hip – and eight-five thousand words later, the first draft was finished in May 2022.

Change of direction

Having had the comfort blanket of writing to contract for thirty years, I sent it out to agents and publishers with no idea if anyone would want to publish it. And, since I now wanted to make this a series, immediately started writing the second book with Abby Finch faced with another mystery when a body lands at her feet.

I had a couple of agents come back fairly quickly with a not-for-me response (you need to be prepared for that if you’re a writer – even when you’ve got more than 70 books in print. But then, oh joy,  I had one of those heart-pounding emails that you have to read at least three times before you can believe what you’re reading. It was from Joffe Books saying that they loved it and wanted to publish it.

There were negotiations and then, at the end of August, I signed a contract for three Maybridge Mysteries featuring my amateur sleuth, Abby Finch.

Today all that work comes to fruition with the publication of Murder Among the Roses and now, nearly two years of my life can be yours for the launch price of 99p/99c.

There is also the choice of a paperback version at £8.99/$9.99

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has already read and reviewed the book. (It’s still available on Netgalley, or I can send reviewers an advanced reading download.)

The reviews are coming in – more heart stopping stuff – at Goodreads!

The second Maybridge Mystery – working title Murder With Mistletoe – is now in the process of production and will be available in the autumn.




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