Do you review?

It’s getting exciting!

The pre-order links are live on Amazon, the book is up on Netgalley and the reviews are starting to come in on Goodreads!

If you’re a reviewer, get in touch and I’ll sort out an ARC for you.


Everyone knows that it’s a mistake to read your reviews, but I stumbled across some early ones.

It took nearly a year of my life and this is a new genre for me – I had to know! Would they love it, or hate it?

“A corker of a book…” 

Be still my beating heart!

“…the ending totally shocked me.”

It came with 5 stars so thrilling, rather than shocking.  Such a relief. When you write romance, everyone knows that it will have a happy ending – it’s the journey that’s important. Crime is different and I was so afraid of telegraphing the ending.

“I found it very moving at times.”

Yes. This.

The television documentary (I bought the book!) that inspired this story has stayed with me for more than twenty years. It just wouldn’t go away.

The world has moved on but the “Me Too” campaign amply demonstrated that the dangers for even smart, educated women  are still there.

“There is a wonderful plot line and the pages turned very easily. A wonderful, interesting read that kept me hooked.”

The words every writer wants to hear!

Here’s the publisher’s blurb –

In the peaceful village of Maybridge, you wouldn’t expect to find a dead body in the rose garden. And certainly not two.

Abby Finch is horrified to discover the bones of a baby long-since buried under a rose bush in the garden of her soon-to-be ex-husband Howard’s family home.

She immediately calls the police but she can’t get hold of Howard. He’s off on a jolly with the very pregnant soon-to-be new Mrs Finch.

Abby will do whatever it takes to keep things cordial for the sake of her three children but when Howard learns the press have found out, he’s livid, accusing Abby of sabotaging his fledgling political campaign.

And then, just two days later, Abby finds Howard lying dead in the same rose garden, his throat slashed with her own garden spade.

Now Abby is the prime suspect.

Somebody in this quiet village is hiding a dark secret. And Abby will have to dig deep to uncover the truth.

Murder Among the Roses will be published by Joffe Books on 18 April and the digital edition is now available for preorder at the launch price of 99p/99c.

Or if you’re someone who likes to hold a real book –



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