Reading in lockdown

There hasn’t been much good news in the last couple of years, but one of the few positives to come out of lockdown has been an increase in reading.

According to the Guardian, book sales are the highest they’ve been for ten years. And Forbes magazine which quick to predict that sales of romance novels, with their promise of excitement, escapism and the comfort of a happy ending, would soar, just as they did in the dark days of 2008/09. And yes, along with cozy crime, soar they did.

I had an appointment this week with the consultant who gave me a new hip — all is good, and thankfully the other hip is sound. The driver who picked me was chatty and he told me that he’d never read until the pandemic when, for want of something better to do, he picked up a book.

Since then, he’s been reading all sorts of fascinating books, mostly memoir and non fiction, although he did mention how much he’d enjoyed The Midnight Library.

He said that he’d can’t believe that he’s missing this all his life and I can’t help wondering how many people have discovered the pleasure of reading while they’ve been in lockdown.

While he was waiting for me, he did google me and said he didn’t think I wrote his kind of books. Not a total surprise, although I have heard from readers who were surprised at the unexpected depth of the stories and the quality of writing in a romance. And the sheer fun in reading something that left them feeling…happy.

On which note, I’m celebrating the publication of my 70th book – Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss, which is already getting some rather lovely reviews.

This is one —

“Liz Fielding is at her enchanting best with her latest contemporary romance, Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss. A heartfelt, poignant and enjoyable romantic read about second chances, healing from the past and the magic of falling in love with your soulmate, Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss effortlessly delights and charms readers with a beguiling blend of beautifully drawn characters, gorgeously evocative descriptions of the English countryside and emotionally satisfying romance that will leave readers with a massive smile on their face.”





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