4 UK Special Offer titles at 99p…

Could stepping into the past make your future perfect?

Sarah’s been dumped. Unceremoniously. Painfully.

A romantic at heart and a historian by profession, Sarah has always wondered about her grandfather’s wartime romance in Italy. Who was that brave woman who cared for him during the war? Clearly this is the time to heal her wounds with the trip of a lifetime to Rome.

Armed only with a photo of the house her grandfather stayed in, the village, and the name Lucia, Sarah sets out to find her…and meets the beautiful Italian count Matteo di Serrone there.

Now here’s a man who could move Sarah on from her broken heart! It’s a fairy-tale romance, until Sarah realises she’s made the most rookie mistake of all: falling in love with her holiday fling…


Working together 24 hours a day…

Romana Claibourne was determined to prove to Niall Farraday Macaulay that she and her sisters could run Claibourne & Farraday, the exclusive London department store, more profitably than the Farraday men. That should be easy, thought Romana….

Oh, but it wasn’t!

Romana had Niall following her every day for a month, assessing everything she did. How could she impress him when he was so overwhelmingly attractive that she couldn’t even concentrate? Then, bang!–that was it–she was in love with her enemy….


An innocent in the city!

By the time I’d arrived at my new flat in London, I’d met a tall, dark stranger, discovered he was my new next-door neighbour–and I’d shown him my knickers, although it wasn’t intentional — my suitcase exploded on the pavement….

Philly is young, free and single–and definitely not looking for Mr. Right but can she help it that the most gorgeous man alive happens to live next door?

Convinced he’ll never look twice at someone like her, Philly needs a little encouragement from her new flatmates. And a lot of encouragement from this gorgeous stranger!


Claire Thackery: Posh girl turned hard-working single mum.

Claire Thackery: The girl most likely to but now

Claire Thackery: The girl most likely to, but now, selling her soul as a gossip columnist on a local rag to earn a modest crust – hoping to get the inside scoop on sexy billionaire Hal North, otherwise known as her teen crush!

Most wary of: Gorgeous men who set her heart racing (been there, got the t-shirt – not to mention the baby).

Hal North : Bad boy made good. Back in his hometown as new owner of Cranbrook Park. Determined to put his troubled past behind him.

Most wary of: Journalists, especially those who are female, cute and pretty, like new neighbour and tenant Claire Thackery…


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