Christmas week kindle deal for US readers!

This is just a fly-by post to let you know that Christmas Reunion in Paris is on a special offer from 21-27 December in the US.  Perfect timing to treat yourself.

Here’s a reminder of a few of the things people have said about this book –

“..this was a story packed with emotion, with wonderfully developed characters, a stunning and well drawn background, and the very finest of storytelling.”

“I loved every moment of this book – the romance (oh, the romance!), the moments of sadness and conflict, the part played by family, the complex history, the glorious settings – and its ending was simply perfect.”

“A story of lost loves rediscovering each other filled with culinary delights, culture and festive fun. Christmas Reunion in Paris is romantic, sexy and is a glorious escapism read.”

Click here to grab a copy!


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