Deck the halls…

…well maybe not the halls…

My holiday decorating has shrunk a little from the days when I had the big family house, with an impressive hall, in the wilds of Wales.  Then I decked the beams, wound lights and garlands around the stairs and had a big tree loaded with decorations collected over many years.

These days I’m more into lights. Fairy lights around the French windows – which are there all year round. A large bowl that came to me filled with a fabulour flower display is now filled with gold baubles and a light that magically comes on in the evening and twinkles for six hours. I did make a video of it, but I accidentally recorded the play on the radio so I couldn’t post it.

This one is new. I did think of putting decorations in it with the lights, but it looks so pretty I left it at the lights.

But the tree…

The tree is smaller now, in line with my small apartment, but I still bring out the decorations that I love. The harp is a connection with Walea.

And this little watering can is a nod to my love of gardening.



Magic Roundabout…

Hands up who remember the lovely Eric Thompson (father of Emma) who voiced The Magic Roundabout, with Florence, Brian the snail and Dougal. I made these from felt more than 40 years ago when living in Umm al Qwain at the bottom of the Gulf – and where myself, the dh and our first born doubled the European population when we moved there.

It was crazy hot and there was nothing to do (unless you were an engineer constructing a jetty) and my mother responded to my cry for felt and embroidery silk! My tree, back then, was created out of silver painted twigs.



The gnome was a gift last year from the grandchildren and I love the Cinderella boot that the dh and I bought together a few years ago.

And of course, there has to be a heart.




2 Replies to “Deck the halls…”

  1. So many lovey decorations! Love Brian and Dougal! So many of the things we put up at Christmas have stories behind them. Every year I find a place on our tree for a tiny plastic airplane that my brother had when he was about five or six. I don’t know what happened to the others (I think there were a set of three) but being plastic, the little plane hasn’t aged at all. Every year I smile when I put it up, remembering our childhood!

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