Book bargains to see you through the holiday

Times are tough and reading is helping to get us through, so these are a few of my books that are on special offer at the moment. Click the titles for the links.

Available worldwide

These two full length sizzling romances are available everywhere at this price, and on all platforms.

Wild Justice is the first book in the Beaumont Brides trilogy and it’s free.

Betrayed by a lover, her career in ruins, Fizz Beaumont devotes all her energy to restoring Broomhill Bay pier, using the old theatre as the home for the radio station that is her life.

The arrival of tycoon Luke Devlin, who has taken over her major sponsor, threatens not just her radio station but — as he offers her a lesson in passion which promises to set the skies ablaze — everything she holds dear.

Wild Lady is the story of Fizz’s sister and that’s at 77p for a limited time.

Gabriel MacIntyre has no time for women like Claudia Beaumont. She’s so beautiful that she takes his breath away and she’s used to having any man she wants. Not him.
Claudia Beaumont has no time for men like Gabriel MacIntyre. Overwhelmingly arrogant, swift to leap to conclusions. He thinks he knows her, but he doesn’t. And she doesn’t give a damn.
But when her life is threatened, Mac is the only person she can turn to for help and suddenly their bantering flirtation becomes so much more.

And in the UK/

These books are only available at this price in the UK – sorry, it’s down to my publisher and I have no say in how they’re priced, or for how long. The prices were correct when I posted this.

First up is my Rita winning book, The Best Man & the Bridesmaid. Very sweet, but so much fun.

Daisy Galbraith had always loved notorious playboy Robert Furneval, but she’s kept that between herself and her diary. He’s clearly not a one-woman man, and she’d rather be his friend than another notch on his bedpost!

When Robert discovers that she has secret lover, he’s convinced that she’s going to be hurt. As he contrives to spend more time with her, determined to save her from heartbreak, he realises that she’s a lot more than his best friend’s little sister and he can’t stop thinking about her.

Flirting With Italian has a whole lot of sizzle. Obviously I can’t choose a favourite out of all my books, it would be like choosing a favourite child, but I do love this one.

Sarah’s been dumped. Unceremoniously. Painfully. A romantic at heart and a historian by profession, Sarah has always wondered about her great-grandfather’s wartime romance in Italy. Who was that brave woman who cared for him during the war? Clearly this is the time to heal her wounds with the trip of a lifetime to Rome and maybe take GGF’s advice to have a “no strings” affair with a hot Italian.

Armed only with a photo of the house her grandfather stayed in, the village, and the name Lucia, Sarah sets out to find her…and meets the beautiful Italian count Matteo di Serrone there. Now here’s a man who could move Sarah on from her broken heart! It’s a fairy-tale romance, until Sarah realises she’s made the most rookie mistake of all: falling in love with her holiday fling…

And finally, Her Pregnancy Bombshell. I created a Mediterranean island for this one and I was joined there by Kate Hardy, Scarlet Wilson and Jessica Gilmore.

Pilot Miranda Marlowe is too sick to fly her plane, and she must face the truth: she’s pregnant! She knows well enough that the father and boss, Cleve Finch, is still grieving for his late wife, so to think, she heads to her sister’s new inheritance, Villa Rosa.

Despite the spiders and dust, the Mediterranean palazzo is as gorgeous as ever. A place to lie in sun while she contemplates the future. But then Cleve turns up with a dramatic offer: a convenient marriage as soon as it can be arranged! It may be the sensible answer…but will it ever be enough for Miranda?

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