Waiting for the reviews. The nail biting nervousness of a blog tour…

…the romance {oh, the romance!)…

I absolutely have to share this review of Christmas Reunion in Paris from “Being Anne”

This is my first ever blog tour and I’m happy to sat that I’ve had some wonderful reviews – they are all in my twitter feed – but  I was  nervous about this one. Anne Williams is a star reviewer and was named “RNA Media Star” by the Romantic Novelists’ Association in 2019.

It wasn’t just that she had never read one of my books before. She didn’t think that she’d ever read anything published in a Mills and Boon series.

She was not the only one of my blog tour in that position, but I’m am thrilled to say that they were all surprised and delighted by the experience. I’ve even had a couple of people suggest that it should be a Hallmark movie  – I hope Harlequin are listening although they’d have to cut that scene…. You’ll have to read it for yourself!

I just feel so honoured to have introduced a few new readers to the wonderful books published in the True Love (UK), Romance (US) and Forever Romance (Australia) series.

Here is the full blog tour itinerary. There are still four days to go!


And here’s what Anne wrote –

“…now I know why Liz Fielding’s writing is loved by so many. Just 166 Kindle pages, but this was a story packed with emotion, with wonderfully developed characters, a stunning and well drawn background, and the very finest of storytelling.

“I loved every moment of this book – the romance (oh, the romance!), the moments of sadness and conflict, the part played by family, the complex history, the glorious settings – and its ending was simply perfect. I’m so delighted I chose to read this book, discovered the author’s quite wonderful writing, and I’d unreservedly recommend the experience to others.”

Here’s a taster – Chapter One

Mills and Boon

Mills and Boon Australia


Barnes and Noble




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