Are you missing the beach?

Half price!

Missing sun, sea and sand as the darker days loom? 

This six-story, six-author anthology, BEACH HUT SURPRISE is on offer this week to carry you off to brighter days. And to make you smile.

Who’s there? Lovers, of course. But vampires? A body? Other, even stranger, visitors? And in a town called Little Piddling, there’s bound to be lots of laughter as well. Here they are in chronological order, starting with an Edwardian comedy by Sarah Mallory and going on to some wild and wacky episodes in later decades, right up to the twenty-first century. Some of the titles will tell you who or what you’re going to meet.

Some are a bit more enigmatic. Here they are: –

Grand Designs for Little Piddling – An Edward Entertainment by Sarah Mallory
Going Home? by Sophie Weston
The Body at Satis House by Lesley Cookman
Past Echoes by Liz Fielding
I, Vampire – Romance with Bite by Joanna Maitland
Grapes and Ales by Louise Allen


The offer is only available until Sunday (4th October). Of course, if you subscribe to KU, you can download it for free here!


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