Christmas Reunion in Paris – a second chance love story

And you can download it today in Australia!

It would be so much easier if English language editions of a book came out on the same day everywhere. But no. If you are in the UK or North America, you could have read this two weeks ago, but it’s finally available in the southern hemisphere with a lovely snowy cover, just as you’re warming up for the summer. But Christmas titles with beach scenes don’t fly off the shelves – I’ve had one and believe me, I know.

So what’s this all about?

Take a couple of teenagers, an unexpected pregnancy and her horrified and controlling father who tear them apart. Ten years on they meet by chance and everything has changed. Chloe is now a chambermaid in a luxury hotel in Paris. James is a Michelin starred chef on a recruitment drive.  It should have been simple. The passion was as hot as ever, but life is never that simple.

Here’s what a reviewer said on Amazon –

“This is a story of two young lovers parted by a manipulative parent whose ambition for his daughter did not include her falling in love, or falling pregnant whilst still a teenager. Our couple meet by accident a decade later, neither having ever really moved on from the calamitous events that parted them. But when they cross paths in Paris, it opens a door to the past that shines a light on more than just the possibility of a future together. Liz Fielding is a master story teller – you end up rooting for her characters even when you think they will never be able to resolve their differences. Five stars!”

Mills and Boon Australia

Amazon, Australia

Apple iBooks, Australia

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