Lockdown has kept us all closer to home…

…and I’ve been reading a lot more!

…and, if we’re lucky, given us a little more time to read.

hands of woman reading book by fireplace

Like many romance authors, because of the fear of inadvertently picking up phrases from other books, I read very ittle romance in my own genre. IFor relaxation, I love crime novels, but the ones that are heavily into the characters lives while they unravel the mysteries that face them.

I love Ellie Griffiths “Ruth Galloway” series, for instance. And although it’s patchier, I do enjoy Martin Walker’s mystery series set in the small French town of St Dennis in the Dordogne. There is a lot of cooking! And I’m always eager for a new book in the “Peter Grant” Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch.  Crime mingled with the paranormal and river goddesses, and the odd encounter with a unicorn. “The Folly” handles what Scotland Yard refers to as “weird bollocks”. Enormous fun.

I’m eagerly waiting for the next instalment from each of those authors, and would really love to see a new book in the “Fiona Griffiths” series from Harry Bingham. Her character lifts an orthodox police procedural into a different level. She is childlike, brilliant, courageous and utterly loopy all at the same time – as well as devastatingly fierce and human and hauntingly alone.  Come on Harry, it’s been too long!

I have just read Spirited, by Julie Cohen. It’s her first historical  – set in the UK and India – and there’s romance, mystery, spiritualism and the early days of photography. Even a little fossil hunting. This is a wonderful story. I suggested it to both my daughter and a dear friend and they both loved it. Much recommended.

So what’s next on my tbr list?

Right now I have a wonderful mix of books lining up on my kindle.

There’s Backyards Have Bodies, the second in the Sadie McIntyre mystery series by Barbara Wallace. I really enjoyed the first book, in what I hope will be an enduring series,The Surburbs Have Secrets, and I have no doubt that this will be a great read.

I also have Stacey Halls’ second book, The Foundling. My daughter has already listened to this on audio and says it’s really good. We are taking the children to the Foundling Museum in Coram’s Field as soon as the world returns to something like normal.

That’s just a small selection from my lockdown reading.

But we all need a Christmas romance and, because you can never go wrong with a book by Sarah Morgan, I downloaded A Wedding in December!


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