What Music was I Listening to When I Wrote Christmas Reunion in Paris? Here’s my playlist

A Second Chance Romance

James Harrington is in Paris to recruit a chef when he finds himself face to face with the girl he fell in love with ten years ago and who he has never forgotten. It should be the perfect moment, but life is never that simple  and, if that was the case, the book would end half way through chapter one! 
Sadly, both James and Chloe have been through a lot in last few years, and while the passion is still strong, they both have a lot to learn.
I don’t normally have a playlist, but occasionally a song will just seem to go with the book you’re writing.
It all started with Joni Mitchell and River and from there on in, I found so many lovely songs to inspire me as I was writing, especially a lovely old song from Jean Sablon I will wait – which sums up my hero’s journey so perfectly.
Then there was the fun of the Jaws theme – “We ‘re going to need a bigger bed…” and after that the songs just kept coming. Here are a few of those that inspired me.