Two new Manga titles for July!

Manga Magic

I am so excited! I absolutely love the Japanese manga editions of my books – they have a special place on my bookshelf – but it’s always a joy to see them translated into English by Harlequin Comics.

The first is The Bachelor’s Baby. This is the story of Amaryllis (Amy) Jones and Jack Hallam, who first appeared in His Runaway Bride – and each, in their own unique way, helped Willow and Mike to find their happy ever after.

They meet, as Godparents, at the Christening of that couple’s first baby, a day that is full of magic. But then Mike always believed that Amy was a witch.

The second is Chosen As the Sheikh’s Wife. Mills & Boon asked me to write this to celebrate their 100th Anniversary – they threw a great party.

It all begins when Violet’s foot goes through a floorboard and she discovers an unusual knife, decorated with big red stones. It looks as if it might have been a prop in the local amateur dramatic group’s Aladdin. But if that was the case, why has it been hidden?

Showing it on “Trash or Treasure”, a TV antiques show, quickly brings danger.

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