Do you jigsaw?

Beach Hut Surprise hit Amazon on Tuesday and “Being Anne” invited us over to her fabulous  blog to chat about how we put together this anthology. Definitely worth a read!

And, just for fun, you can have a go and this online jigsaw of the cover!

I hope you all managed to catch the fleeting #free download of If the Shoe Fits a couple of days ago. It’s one of my favourite stories and, of course, there are three other books in the series. One to tell you how the prince met his girl (you might notice that Sophie Weston appears in both the books featured here!). One about the caterer and bride’s brother and one about the best man and the girl that got away.

I’m getting my head down to start a new book – one that has eluded me for weeks. But today I found my first line. Always a good place to start!

Keep well, stay safe.


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