Release Day Part 2!

4192vBMov3LOnce Upon a Time…

…books were released in the UK, US and Australia on the same day. This time, the UK edition hit the shelves back on August 8, but it was September before the US and Australian editions emerged from their chrysalis.

I really love this Australia cover!

Reviews are already coming in at Goodreads and Amazon.

Here is one from Amanda –

9781335499516 A Secret, a Safari and a Second chance“This book made me fall in love with romance all over again. Sweet, charming characters wooed me from the onset. I was mesmerized with the sharp, vivid writing, and literally entertained with all the drama, banter and shenanigans of the main protagonists. Overall, a fab story I’m positive romance lovers will love from start to end!”


There’s more!

The Last Woman he'd ever date Aus 2019As if that wasn’t enough, also in the UK and Australia, The Last Woman He’d Ever Date has been re-released in a 3-in-1 anthology with Shirley Jump and Meredith Webber in the A Forever Family series.

The Last Woman He'd Ever Date reprintClaire’s bad day began when she landed in a ditch in a tangle of limbs – not all of them her own. And then there was the unwelcome news that she was going to be this year’s Wish List Fairy.

Available in paper from your favourite store, and as a digital download.  Hard to choose between these two lovely covers!

For readers in the US, The Last Woman He’d Ever Date is available on Kindle.

And a giveaway!

Finally I’m bringing you news of a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, along with a bunch of great reads. Just click below to enter.

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