Publication Day!

Destination Brides

41Qt8Qj5j9LThe release of a new book, A Secret, a Safari, a Second Chance is always a cause for celebration!

A collaboration with Donna Alward, Nina Singh and Barbara Wallace in the Destination Brides mini series makes it very special.

The auction

Young healthy smiling man portrait on sky background panorama ba

Each of the books is a stand-alone romance, but at the beginning, each of our heroines is at a charity auction held at the glamorous Merchant Resort on Nantucket island.

Our original series title was “bucket list brides” and after a great of deal of research on Pinterest, Nantucket is now way up on my own bucket list!

The destination

Out of Africa

The auction, held to support a new opioid clinic – a cause very precious my my hero, Kit Merchant – is offering fabulous trips to Merchant resorts all over the world. Donna chose an adventure holiday with whale watching and zip lining through the forest on the west coast of Canada for her heroine. Nina took hers to Venice, Barbara chose the south of France.

My heroine, Genevieve (Eve) Bliss, saw a luxury safari at a resort built in her childhood home.

She had left to go to boarding school expecting to return at Christmas. It never happened. This was her chance to go back, see her childhood friends, find some peace. But it wasn’t just about the past.

The Secret

bigstock--140751464 (1)The trips was a  chance to escape the unexpected arrival of Kit Merchant and think about the future because Eve’s secret is that her little girl, Hannah, is Kit’s daughter.

She had good reasons to keep her birth a secret from Kit, but she’s always known that, one day, she would have to tell him he was a father. That “one day” is fast approaching.

The safari

Here’s the quote!

canva orangeA man with the crumpled look of someone who had slept in his clothes drank down the glass he’d just poured and refilled it before realising there was someone behind him. He turned, jug in hand, paused for a moment, no doubt startled by the picture she presented, before offering to fill the glass she’d picked up.

‘Sorry, I’m hogging the juice…’

Eve felt the blood drain from her face. It couldn’t be. Kit Merchant was supposed to be holding the fort in Nantucket. Just as he’d been supposed to be aboard his yacht in the Southern Ocean.


A second chance

quote 2You’ll have to read the book to find out how that turns out!

9 August – United Kingdom
19 August – Australia
1 September – United States

Amazon, AppleBooks, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

Read a longer excerpt here

The giveaway

DESTINATION BRIDES SWEEPSTAKES Finally, we’ve put together a fabulous prize for one lucky reader in our “Destination Brides Sweepstake”. A gift card, bath goodies, books, notebooks, a pretty flamingo scarf, and a whole lot of other stuff. To enter click here It will be drawn in September when my book has been published in the US and Australia.


Destination Brides

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