Outstanding Achievement Award

Outstanding Achievement Award

An Image of YouI am thrilled to announce that the Romantic Novelists’ Association are honouring me with an Outstanding Achievement Award at their awards ceremony on 4th March.

RNA President, Katie Fforde, commented, “Liz Fielding’s books, with their warmth, humour and emotion, have charmed millions of readers. She is a true star of the romantic fiction genre as well as a long-time supporter of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and we are thrilled to recognise her huge contribution to the genre with this award.”

The award will be presented by Alison Weir at a reception in the Gladstone Library, Whitehall, London on 4th March

I am, as some of you may know, also a member of the Libertà Hive and I am delighted to announce that Libertà is sponsoring the Romantic Novelists’ Association Short Romantic Novel AwardWe, in the Hive, all have a Keeper Shelf where favourite treasures from this very special genre reside.

Our sponsorship honours some of the greatest of the authors, now much missed,
including: Penny Jordan, Sara Craven, Roger Sanderson, Anne Weale, Elizabeth Harrison, Lucilla Andrews and Rosamund Pilcher (in her Jane Fraser incarnation).

Valentine’s Day!

nailsOne of the fun things I do for Valentine’s Day is have a special nail job! Lots of tiny hearts this year.

My daughter and I had a lovely evening with our nail lady, who enthusiastically joins in our attempts to have really fun nails. This time it’s hearts, Next time we’re planning roses!

New Cover

Finally, Tule have put pretty new covers on the Royal Wedding Invitation mini series I was part of last year.

Here they are!

unnamed (1)

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