Liz’s New Year, New Book

It’s been over a year since my last book was published.

9781335499301Moving house took a lot of time and all my energy! Finally, though, The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride is available to pre-order.

Welcome to Castle Creek and Prideaux Castle (the locals call it “Priddy”) with its leaking roof, dodgy boiler and the mountain of debts facing Agnès Prideaux, the last in the line of the family who have lived in the castle for centuries.

88e845426f06c05514f97e01d7cd9770It isn’t just the castle. Agnès feels responsible for her grandmother. There are the staff who rely on her for the bread on their table – and in Suzanna’s case much more. She is at her wits ends.

When Kam Faulkner, son of the woman who was once cook/housekeeper at the castle, the boy who taught her to fish, to swim and love, returns to the castle.

He and his mother left under horrible circumstances for which she blames herself.

Kam blames her too, and has not forgiven her.

This is not a visit to reminisce. He has come to turn the tables on Agnès and watch as she, in turn, is forced to leave her childhood home.

bigstock--164594504 (2)He knows she is in trouble. His offer to buy the castle should have been a no-brainer, but instead of grabbing it with both hands, she turns him down flat. If he wants the castle it’s going to take more than money.

Just how far is he prepared to go to take the long dreamed of prize?

I love writing books where the characters already know one another, have a shared past — no matter how mixed.

I love to see them reconnect. See them remember the good times. Discover past secrets. See them move towards a future that neither of them could ever have envisaged.

Read a sample here.


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