Liz’s September

Vector Hand Drawn Floral Illustration. Hello September

There is so much happening this month on both the home and writing fronts.

I’ve been painting my bedroom (with the help of my lovely daughter) but still struggling to find homes for  piles of books, boxes and “stuff”. You would not believe how much “stuff” I have. Just the six years of accumulated accounts that you are legally required to keep takes up an awful lot of shelf space!

The most difficult are the small, beautiful pieces of furniture made for me by the best beloved that it is impossible to part with. This is the Shaker sewing table he made me.

Hopefully, when the new wardrobes arrive, I’ll be able to stop using the shower rail as my temporary clothes rail. It’s going to be a tight fit, though!

f36b05e4d2c092d4cfbdfdf76be7f2a0The good news is that I have finally signed off on the new book, The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride, which will be published next April. Here’s the Pinterest board. so that you can get to know Agnès, Kam and the dogs that add to the story.  This is Dora.

It’s set in Castle Creek, a Devon town that I’ve created and the story is set around the struggle for the Priddy (the local corruption of Prideaux) Castle itself and the clash between Agnès Prideaux and Kal Faulkner whose doomed teenage romance has haunted them both.

Caroline Andersen

September is also the month when Mills and Boon authors gather in London for their annual lunch.

It’s a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues we may not have seen for a while and get to know some we’ve never met before. This year we have debut author, Ella Hayes  and visitors from overseas – US author Andrea Bolter (who will break into her Paris holiday to join us) as well as Elizabeth Rolls and Trish Morey from Australia. This will be followed by a cocktail party at the Mills and Boon offices where there will be a toast for the amazing Caroline Anderson, who has just signed off on her 100th book.

And then I am going to Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace with my daughter. If you are in the UK and were thinking of going, she has a discount code for tickets on her blog, Hooked, but it starts tomorrow through Sunday, so get your skates on!

Finally, I have just reached a rather stupendous milestone with Mills and Boon, having sold over 15 million copies of the books I’ve written for them. (There are seven others!)

They have been, and are still being, published and reprinted all over the world.

15 million books 2nd version



2 Replies to “Liz’s September”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love the fall and all the fairs to visit. I recommend you scan your accounts and move it all to a flash drive. Takes a lot less time and you can hire a local student who wants to earn some pocket money. Best of luck and Congrats on your mile marker!

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