The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess – Liz Fielding

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In The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess, her 65th category romance novel for Harlequin, multi award-winning author Liz Fielding proves once again why she’s one of the genre’s best-loved and most gifted writers with this engaging, poignant and captivating tale I devoured in one sitting!

Efficiency is PA Ruby Dance’s middle name. Conscientious, meticulous and dedicated to her job, Ruby puts all of her heart, soul and energy into her career and is one of the best personal assistants in London. However, beneath the efficient and buttoned-up veneer lies a woman who has had more than her fair share of heartbreak, anguish and disappointment. Having been let down in the past, Ruby had erected impenetrable barriers around herself which many had tried – and failed – to breach and when she had met, through the course of her work, someone she had thought she could trust, she had been bitterly disappointed when…

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